Analysis of the US VIO and scrappage rates

Analysis of the US VIO and scrappage rates

Publication Date: 28-Apr-2023
Number of Pages: 25

This report presents the analysis of vast sets of data, including vehicles in operation (VIO), vehicle miles travelled (VMT) and scrappage, and combines it with extensive market research and insights from interviews with industry experts, to present information for aftermarket stakeholders to understand where the opportunities currently are and could be in the future.

We set the stage of the report by first understanding how the US economy has performed over the past seven years and its expected performance in the next year. By identifying some of these key trends, we then derived an hypothesis that would define some of the VIO, VMT and scrappage trends in the market.

We analyse each of these trends separately, diving into regional, state and vehicle fuel type analysis, and also compare each of these vehicle trends in relation to one another, especially VIO and scrappage. Our research concludes with the evaluation of the hypothesis and actionable statements for industry stakeholders.

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