Technology VIO Domain

Technology Vehicles-in-Operation Domain

The Technology Vehicles-In-Operation Domain from S&P Global Mobility provides light vehicle VIO assets with unique data granularity and analytics. Actual data is based on cleansed and enhanced registration statistics eliminating incorrect vehicle attributes.  

Based on connections between production, new sales and VIO actuals and forecast, S&P Global Mobility is now able to show over 100 additional technology attributes in VIO data. 

The key benefits offered by this offering:  

  • Discover the proliferation of EVs in the VIO forecast over the next 12 years and monitor how and where ICE vehicles gradually exit the vehicle parc.   
  • Gain visibility into VIO coverage and competing technologies with hundreds of technology and supplier attributes added to the VIO data for both ICE and EVs. 
  • Identify business growth opportunities and potential new revenue streams across parts manufacturing, distribution, servicing, network building as well as alternative business models. 

What does the domain include?   

  • Most recent VIO actuals and 12-year forecast 
  • Aligned to S&P Global Mobility sales and production forecasts with 8 updates per year 
  • Data accessed through AftermarketInsight query tool and analytics; flat file delivery options   
  • Key electrification dimensions:10+ attributes, including fuel type and propulsion design for BEV, FHEV, MEV and PHEV 
  • Over 80 in-depth technology attributes from technology forecasts for batteries, e motors and power electronic 
  • Enhanced VIO fill rate for legacy attributes and over 90% fill rate for the new attributes 
  • 22 countries/territories at launch – including USA, Mainland China and key EU markets 
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