Accelerating Towards Autonomy
Understand the Rapid Expansion of ADAS Features in Today's Fleet

Autonomy Vehicles in Operation (VIO)

With the increasing regulation, rising consumer demand, and advancements in technology, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) is becoming more reliable and affordable, leading to a higher penetration in the Vehicle in Operation (VIO) market.

Autonomy VIO provides a unique perspective on market behavior by incorporating hundreds of technology attributes into the analysis of current and forecasted VIO.

This comprehensive view allows businesses to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition in the rapidly evolving automotive industry. Gain a competitive edge by understanding the trends and preferences in technology adoption across the global fleet.

Volume and variety of ADAS grows

  • Driver warning systems are evolving into more complex active systems
  • Vehicles are being equipped with multiple distinct safety features at an increasing rate
  • L2+ features increasing in new vehicles globally

Multitude of data being created

  • Each of these distinct systems are generating a high volume of data
  • Data is for the most part independently processed for each safety system

Artificial Intelligence

  • Robust Artificial Intelligence will emerge to process volume of data into actionable insight
  • Enhanced intelligence will be required to amalgamate the many streams of data and make split second decisions

Regulatory  push & Growing Market Acceptance

  • Since 2022 in Europe regulation demands the adoption of some ADAS features to improve road safety
  • Raising demand: Features like automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and ACC are becoming standard expectations in mid-range and premium vehicles


  • Many distinct services are being added to the fleet each year including:
  • Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Traffic signal recognition

Full Autonomous Driving

  • L4 autonomy features begin to emerge as system intelligence increases
  • Integration of variety of services can occur in a meaningful way as AI enables appropriate decisions to be made

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