Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)

Discover globally evolving vehicle usage and mobility trends​ with the most complete, consistent, and detailed view of vehicle mileage for nearly one billion vehicles around the world.

Data on vehicle miles traveled is key for understanding vehicle usage:​​

  • VMT is essential for planning any business that derives revenue from vehicles in use; from financing and insurance to parts and service, tires and lubricants.​​
  • ​Governments, legislators and other non-profit organizations need to understand VMT to make informed decisions on emission policies and infrastructure investments.

Product availability:

  • Global (21 countries)
  • Three Regions - Americas, APAC and EMEA
  • Key Markets – USA and Mainland China
  • US Subnational – State, DMA®, County

VMT services from S&P Global Mobility track Estimated Current Annual Mileage and Weighted Lifetime Mileage.

DMA® is a registered trademark of The Nielsen Company (US), LLC

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