S&P Global Mobility helps you drive revenue through more efficient product, catalog and supply chain management based on:

  • VIO market potential sizing
  • Product lifecycle decision making
  • Catalog information management
  • Supply chain efficiency
  • Sales and inventory planning 

Offerings include:

Vehicles-in-operation (VIO) services:

  • Parc national: VIO data and forecasts at country/territory level for 100+ countries (76 detailed including vehicle age and TecDoc vehicle codes and 33 summary) 
  • Parc regional: VIO data at subnational levels for Europe and Mainland China
  • NVPP: National and subnational VIO counts United States, Canada and Mexico

Catalog services:

  • North America: Integration of customer ACES based catalogs with VIO counts for the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico

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  • Detailed VIO at powertrain and body type levels
  • TecDoc and ACES coding
  • ACES based catalogs
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