Pirelli launches revamped B2B tire sales platform for dealers


The platform, TyreClub+, was launched in January in Italy and Germany and will subsequently reach other markets during 2023

Source: S&P media portal

Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli announced via press release on 27 January that it has entirely revamped TyreClub+, its B2B tire sales platform that was first launched 10 years ago, to offer tire dealers a better digital experience. The site is said to include plenty of new functionality such as real-time monitoring of deliveries, more straightforward order management, access to data and statistics, and all the latest news from Pirelli, the release added.

The company said its latest version of the website makes ordering easier and checking which tires are available faster and more intuitive, thanks to new filters that simplify search results. Along with the list of researched products, the platform indicates the products that are currently available and in which quantities, where they are at, and how much they cost, according to the release. A new tracking system has been additionally introduced to monitor delivery status in real time, along with more accurate delivery dates and an individual order log that goes back 18 months, the company said.

Significance: The new platform was launched last month in Italy and Germany and will subsequently reach other markets during 2023. The company says it will bring advanced functionality in the coming months that will allow tire dealers to be informed about all the latest commercial campaigns, highlighting expiry dates and targets.

“At the heart of the new platform are the core needs of the user, with the people who will actually be using the new platform interviewed at length throughout the design process. TyreClub+ has been developed as part of a wider digital process to create value for customers … Experts in e-commerce user experience were involved in the creation of this latest interface,” the release added.

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