OEM battery electric vehicle aftersales strategy tracker

OEM battery electric vehicle aftersales strategy tracker

Publication Date: 01-Nov-2021
Number of Pages: 3

An in-depth look at the various aftersales strategies employed by key global legacy and new OEMs for their BEVs on the road.

OEMs need a structured, comprehensive and widespread approach to the maintenance and repair of their Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), especially as more of them operate on the road. 

Strategies to accomplish this effectively span several key areas include:

  • Warranty for the new vehicle, batteries, powertain and corrossion
  • Paid maintenance service contract or packages, during and after the warranty
  • Mobile applications to book and track vehicle service
  • Remote diagnosis and Over The Air (OTA) update capabilities
  • Roadside assistance, for breakdowns and/or charging
  • Used car programs that include warranty, financing and service packages

This report highlights these and more strategies by leading global OEMs, including select regional differences, in order to compare and contrast their approach to the future generation of vehicles. 

Where are the gaps that will make your aftermarket business discernable? What are the differentiators that will ensure business continuity? How do you maximize revenue potential through independent aftermarket channels?

Answer these pivotal questions and more through our diverse knowledge sets and expert insights. Develop a transformative strategy through forward-looking forecasts and reliable market information backed by scientific, granular data. 

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