Digitalization of the workshop and VIO

Digitalization of the workshop and VIO

Publication Date: 03-Nov-2023
Number of Pages: 39

This report looks at how and what digital technology, especially among connected services, have changed the way automotive service centers/workshops operate, making them more efficient, transparent and profitable.

It also analyses the types of connected technologies that have become popular among vehicles in operation, and more importantly, what the future aftermarket potential could be, in terms of services, products and solutions for these vehicles.

There is a rapid uptake of digital technologies in the automotive industry as a whole but also specifically within the aftersales and aftermarket.

The traditional set up of manual vehicle repairs, maintenance and service and in addition service center/workshop operation is rapidly changing. The use of high tech equipment, tools, software and communication protocols is expected to streamline operations and meet the ever increasing demands of the customer. Through the use of multiple digital and connected products and solutions including, touch screen devices, diagnostic scanners, augmented reality headsets and workshop management systems, service centers are capable of providing real time, predictive and remote service and repair assistance to customers. Some tier one suppliers and aftermarket companies are already offering these products and solutions to workshops, both in the aftersales and aftermarket industries.

Newer vehicles in operation are being fitted with a plethora of advanced components, including telematics control units, infotainment systems, heads up displays, and advanced driver assistance systems, all linked through advanced software, offering higher levels of connected technology for more convenient, safer and secure driving. Because the majority of vehicles that offer these technologies come with components embedded, there is expected to be a huge aftermarket potential once these vehicles are out of warranty, in terms of either retrofitting or swapping of hardware and the accompanying software.

The extensive passenger and light commercial VIO data set that is included in this report is taken from S&P Global Mobility’s WorldView platform, both at the historic and forecast level. The profiled countries in this report include the US, mainland China, Germany, India and Japan, the top five countries in the world in terms of VIO, as of 2021. The extensive connected technology data set was taken from S&P Global Mobility’s Component Forecast Analytics (CFA) platform, at the forecast level and with sales information. The same VIO country set was also used to filter the data in this platform.

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