Digitalization of the automotive aftermarket through connectivity

Digitalization of the automotive aftermarket through connectivity

Publication Date: 20-Oct-2022
Number of Pages: 18

This report, based on the webinar hosted by the Aftermarket team at S&P Global Mobility on 20 October 2022, highlights the critical importance of managing remote aftermarket processes.

Modern vehicles are highly sophisticated machines with hundreds of electronic control units (ECUs), ever-increasing software lines of codes, and advanced technology fitments providing critical functionalities. In addition to working towards adopting new vehicle architectures, today’s vehicles have also extended connectivity solutions to the external world, allowing for services like 3D navigation, advanced infotainment solutions, 5G capable telematics use-cases, diagnostics, and software updates from the automakers to be delivered via over-the-air (OTA).

Managing aftermarket processes remotely is becoming a critical component of customer service strategy to meet the objectives of cost reduction, data monetization, workshop productivity, and customer satisfaction.

This report discusses:

  • Opportunities and challenges faced by aftermarket players
  • The current state of OTA in car parc in key regions/countries
  • Factors impacting aftermarket business opportunities in each region, and assess potential developments using S&P Global Mobility car parc & OTA data
  • How OTA updates are the key enabler to resolving some of the major hurdles, and opening revenue opportunities for the aftermarket value chain

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