Global perspective on the right to repair

Global perspective on the right to repair

Publication Date: 29-Jun-2023
Number of Pages: 50

Some countries and regions around the world have already established right to repair regulations for the independent aftermarket to gain access to OEM vehicle repair information and data, thereby providing multiple options to vehicle owners as to where they choose to repair or maintain their vehicles, including Australia, South Africa, and Europe (also the UK). 

Aside from these, the right to repair movement has been gaining momentum across several other markets including the US, Canada, India and Brazil, with similar requirements, especially for OEM controlled data to be made available in the aftermarket. 

In this report, we analyse, in detail, what the core elements are of right to repair, the OEM and aftermarket perspectives, potential for the aftermarket, the current global scenario, and in-depth coverage of select country/regional activities and regulations. 

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