US paints-maker PPG launches products for automotive repair shops

New Product Development

The company introduces PPG Linq Color software and PPG Magicbox body shop assistant for the refinish industry

Source: Getty Images

US-based paints, coatings and specialty-materials manufacturer PPG announced the introduction of the PPG Linq Color software and the PPG Magicbox body shop assistant for smarter wireless mixing in automotive repair shops, according to a press release dated August 30. The tools are the latest components of the PPG Linq end-to-end digital solution for the global refinish industry that provide productivity and sustainability improvement for body shops, the release added.

The PPG Magicbox smart device eliminates the need for specialized computers in the mixing room by delivering a PPG patented body shop assistant, connectable to new and existing USB scales in body shops.

The company said that with PPG Linq, refinish customers can streamline their repair process by using PPG’s cloud-based platform and its interconnected digital hardware, software and related services. The PPG MagicBox body shop assistant communicates environmental conditions in mixing rooms and receives formulas direct from the PPG Linq Color software. The system also delivers benefits including faster color-matching from any internet-connected device; less rework and no need for spray-out cards; faster and more efficient paint mixing; and waste reduction, when compared to a traditional repair process, the release added.

Significance: “When our PPG [Linq] digital ecosystem is paired with our industry-leading paint products, we can help body shop owners to realize a 15% ‘key-to-key’ productivity improvement,” said Chancey Hagerty, PPG senior vice president, Automotive Refinish. “From the time a customer leaves their key with a body shop until they return to collect their car, that body shop can achieve improved productivity, reduced waste and enhanced sustainability compared to a traditional repair approach,” Hagerty added.

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