UK’s BM Catalysts says new regulation to drive diesel particulate filters demand

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The company believes post implementation of the new PN counters, higher failure rates have been reported in Belgium, Switzerland and Germany; UK could be next

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UK-based manufacturer of aftermarket emissions products, BM Catalysts, announced that the new diesel legislation rolled out across Europe is resulting in significant market growth for replacement diesel particulate filters (DPFs). In a press release dated July 17, the company said it continues to invest in the upcoming technology and expand its product range to meet the increasing market demand for DPFs.

Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and most recently, Germany, have now implemented new Particle Number (PN) counters as part of their roadworthiness periodic technical inspections, and as a result, higher failure rates have already been reported, with vehicles failing to meet the new Euro 5a, 5b or 6 requirements, the company said.

BM Catalysts believes these changes are expected to hit the UK as well, with the region currently consulting over implementation as part of the Ministry of Transport (MOT) test, with current suggestions predicting vehicles that are type-approved to Euro 5b and Euro 6 onward as the basis.

Significance: Commenting on the announcement, Mark Blinston, commercial director of BM Catalysts, said, “If the average failure rate for Euro 5 and 6 is 10%, then this will create a huge increase in the demand for replacement DPFs. If a vehicle fails the test, the only way to pass it will be to replace the DPF. In the UK there are over four million Euro 5b or 6 diesel passenger cars — so the potential market for these parts could be very significant.”

In Europe, there are over 280 million vehicles in use and diesel engines are approximately 19% of these. Therefore, substantial parts demand is expected, the release added.

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