Standard Motor Products expands its line of ABS Speed Sensors

New Product Development

Standard Motor Products currently offers more than 2,600 ABS sensors fitting import and domestic vehicles

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US-based independent manufacturer and distributor of automotive replacement parts, Standard Motor Products (SMP), announced the expansion of its line of ABS Speed Sensors for import and domestic vehicles via a press release dated March 28.

The company claimed that SMP's antilock breaking system (ABS) sensors were manufactured and tested to ensure that they integrated correctly with electronic safety systems and performed in all conditions, especially in emergency situations. Several SMP ABS sensors for late-model vehicles included multiple microsensors that were able to gather accurate data at low speeds, and monitor the directional rotation (not just the speed) of each wheel.

The company also said that many other aftermarket competitors do not have these capabilities and were offering older-style, passive sensors for modern vehicles that required more sophisticated sensors.

Significance: SMP has recently added 75 new part numbers to the program, covering nearly 20 million vehicles in operation. Popular applications include the 2019–22 Toyota Corolla, 2018–22 Honda Odyssey, 2019 GM 1500 Trucks and 2020 Audi A3. SMP is also committed to expanding this powertrain-neutral category for electric and hybrid vehicles. New ABS sensors for these applications include coverage for the 2016–21 Chevrolet Spark, 2019–21 Honda Insight, 2017–21 Honda Clarity and 2019–20 Kia Niro electric vehicle (EV).

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