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    US senators demand Tesla vehicles recall for steering and suspension components
    Tesla Inc. is being ordered by two US senators to recall steering control and suspension components, following the results of a recent Reuters investigation, Repairer Driven News reported Jan. 2. According to the investigation, the company knew about the existing flaws in its vehicles that led to component failures, but hid the causes and blamed the customers instead. Tesla has countered that the company is “truthful and transparent” and the article is “erroneous.” The National Hig...
    Mitchell 1 launches active recalls feature for all OEM makes
    US-based Mitchell 1, a division of Snap-on Inc. that provides service center and workshop products and solutions including repair information, workshop management systems and marketing services, has now expanded its active recalls features to include more vehicles in the US, a press release dated Nov. 8 said. This expansion will provide automatic notifications to shops using its Manager SE shop management software concerning outstanding safety recall actions that need to be performe...
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