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    ACMA Automechanika New Delhi 2024 Show Report
    The aftermarket team at S&P Global Mobility recently attended the ACMA Automechanika New Delhi 2024 show and this report presents information about key suppliers, products and trends from the event.
    Top aftermarket trends 2024
    Our first annual AftermarketInsight flagship report provides unparalleled data and information about the biggest aftermarket industry trends that we expect to see in 2024, and what the potential impact they could have on the industry. 
    Digitalization of the workshop and VIO
    This report looks at how and what digital technology, especially among connected services, have changed the way automotive service centers/workshops operate, making them more efficient, transparent and profitable. It also analyses the types of connected technologies that have become popular among vehicles in operation, and more importantly, what the future aftermarket potential could be, in terms of services, products and solutions for these vehicles.
    Electrification of the aftermarket
    This report looks into current and potential revenue opportunities for the automotive aftermarket industry that focus on servicing, repairing and maintaining electrified vehicles in operation, including profiles of key tier 1 and aftermarket suppliers producing parts and providing services for these vehicles.
    Automechanika Birmingham 2023
    We attended Automechanika in Birmingham, UK to explore what is occurring in the digital space and also to attend the UK's aftermarket conference.
    Global perspective on the right to repair
    This report analyses the technical details behind the right to repair movement that is gaining ground across several countries and regions around the world, evaluates the position of this legislation, benefits to customers, and details the impact that it could potentially have on aftermarket.
    Analysis of the US VIO and scrappage rates
    This report provides analysis of the data and information on the dynamics of the vehicles in operation in the US market, at the national, regional and vehicle fuel type level, along with vehicle miles travelled and scrappage volume data and information.
    Highlights of analysis of VIO and scrappage rates in the US
    This report, based on the webinar hosted by the Aftermarket team at S&P Global Mobility on 20 April 2023, highlights the VIO change at the national, regional and fuel-type level, as vehicles reach end-of-life.
    Global Automotive Aftermarket Events'23
    This document lists upcoming events that are significant to the automotive aftersales industry, though this is not an exhaustive list, we feel these are events that could add value to you. As the year progresses and things evolve we will continue to update this list as new events appear or market trends influence.
    5 Key Aftermarket Trends in the US
    This report, based on the webinar hosted by the Aftermarket team at S&P Global Mobility on 20 January 2023, highlights aftermarket opportunities in the US presented by a dynamic vehicles-in-operation fleet
    Digitalization of the automotive aftermarket through connectivity
    This report, based on the webinar hosted by the Aftermarket team at S&P Global Mobility on 20 October 2022, highlights the critical importance of managing remote aftermarket processes.
    The Aftermarket in the 2020s – global trends and perspectives
    This report, based on the webinar hosted by the Aftermarket team at S&P Global Mobility on 20 July 2022, highlights changes in vehicle-in-operation (VIO), vehicle average age and vehicles-miles-traveled (VMT) to maximize revenue potential in the aftermarket.
    Revenue impact of BEV growth on global OEM aftersales’ channels
    This report aims to provide the automotive aftersales and aftermarket industry with detailed insights into how the increase in the number of battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) will contribute to a notable change in the revenue generated from original equipment manufacturer (OEM) annual aftersales maintenance servicing procedures at a global level. It presents detailed OEM aftersales maintenance revenue data and analysis at a regional and country level for key automotive aftermarket markets incl...
    OEM battery electric vehicle aftersales strategy tracker
    An in-depth look at the various aftersales strategies employed by key global legacy and new OEMs for their BEVs on the road.
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