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    Auto Safety Systems - Calibration challenges and opportunities
    With the average age of vehicles on US roads at 12.5 years, new-car shoppers returning to the market may be unfamiliar with some of the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) applications now available. And even though many owners of newer cars have driven ADAS-equipped vehicles for several years, they may not have needed a repair or performed a modification that impacted those features or sensors. ADAS are an important development in vehicle safety — especially as consumer demand and im...
    Doorstep vehicle servicing and its business opportunities
    Through restricted mobility, caused by the pandemic, many vehicle users have found stay-at-home alternatives to everyday requirements. As people are settling into a new normal, many have begun exploring more services that can be provided at their doorstep and are expanding their search to include categories such as vehicle maintenance and repair. This is being reflected in the early signs of an automotive service evolution, and one such example of this is doorstep vehicle servicing.  ...
    Key trends shaping the US automotive aftermarket
    The US automotive aftermarket (consisting of light vehicles) has shown resilience and agility in the face of the downturn in demand and vehicles miles traveled (VMT) caused by the COVID-19 pandemic since 2020. In 2020, the automotive aftermarket decreased by 5.3% to USD286.2 billion, a stronger performance than originally predicted (down 8.8%). In 2021, it is estimated to have rebounded by a robust 14.8% to USD328.5 billion, considerably higher than previously forecast (11.2%), according to the ...
    Executive Interview: Aaron Lowe, SVP, Auto Care Association on US automotive Right to Repair
    The battle over access to vehicle repair information has been playing out in the court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, United States over the last few years and has gained further momentum in the past year. The commonwealth has delayed implementing the proposed law, which would require motor vehicle owners and independent repairers to get expanded access to vehicle maintenance and repair data, until a final ruling from the US District Court judge for the District of Massachusetts, whose de...
    Is there a future for a battery-swapping business model globally?
    So far battery swapping has been unable to make the transition from being a niche offering to a mass-market service. Battery swapping offers many advantages to customers, including the potential to overcome range anxiety and slow charging times. According to the IHS Markit Consumer Survey in 2019—conducted in eight major automotive markets with 8,000 participants—35% of consumers expect their vehicle to fully charge in less than 30 minutes, out of which 11% wanted a full charge in less than ...
    Players shaping India’s car repair market
    The car repair and service segment in India can be broadly divided into three verticals that cater to the Indians car owner’s maintenance needs. According to Mahindra First Choice Services, a chain of organized workshops, which quoted data from a 2016 aftermarket study by Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA), these verticals are the unorganized garages, which account for about 64% market share; OEM-authorized repairers, which constitute approximately 32% of the market; and org...
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