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    Technology VIO platform: Other Asia highlights
    This report focuses on the key trends for vehicles in operation (VIO) in the top 5 countries in the Other Asia region.
    Top aftermarket trends 2024
    Our first annual AftermarketInsight flagship report provides unparalleled data and information about the biggest aftermarket industry trends that we expect to see in 2024, and what the potential impact they could have on the industry. 
    High Voltage Battery Recycling: Not If but When and Where?
    This report, based on the webinar hosted by the Aftermarket team at S&P Global Mobility on 20 July 2023, highlights key aspects from its Global High Voltage Battery Recycling Study
    Global perspective on the right to repair
    This report analyses the technical details behind the right to repair movement that is gaining ground across several countries and regions around the world, evaluates the position of this legislation, benefits to customers, and details the impact that it could potentially have on aftermarket.
    Highlights of analysis of VIO and scrappage rates in the US
    This report, based on the webinar hosted by the Aftermarket team at S&P Global Mobility on 20 April 2023, highlights the VIO change at the national, regional and fuel-type level, as vehicles reach end-of-life.
    Analysis of global scrappage policies and potential impact on the future aftermarket
    This report will aim to present national scrappage policy information in terms of incentives, timelines, conditions, and vehicle characteristics, for passenger vehicles in key countries globally. It will also present data on the total number of vehicles that are designated end-of-life (EOL) in each of the selected countries, from 2012 to 2020. Using these two segments, it will analyze the impact on the aftermarket industry, in addition, presenting a future perspective on the same. The analysis ...
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