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Aftermarket Barometers 2022 Q3


How many vehicles were designated as end-of-life globally between 2012 and 2020?

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Note : All barometers are for light vehicles only. For VIO, the weight split is up to 3.5 metric tons except for North America, which includes GVW Class 1–3, up to approximately 6.4 metric tons.​​

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Key Metrics Covered

  • Vehicles-in-Operation (VIO): Understand the global volume.
  • New Vehicle Sales: Stay informed about the latest sales trends.
  • Vehicle Average Age: Gauge the age profile of vehicles in the market.
  • eCommerce Market Trends: Stay ahead in the digital marketplace.
  • Global Electric Vehicle VIO Outlook: Explore the future of electric vehicles.
  • Average Vehicle Distance Traveled: Track the distance covered globally.
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