Aftermarket Barometers 2022 Q1

The aftermarket barometers show global facts at a glance, offering insight into the current and future pressures affecting the industry. The barometers provide a sneak-peek into quarterly updated industry facts and parameters backed by extensive research that can aid the discovery of regional market opportunities. They capture the vehicle aftermarket industry's prospects by providing an overview on subjects including:

  • The global volume of vehicles-in-operation(VIO)
  • New vehicle sales volume
  • Vehicle average age 
  • eCommerce market scenario
  • Global electric vehicle VIO outlook
  • Global average vehicle distance traveled


What were the global dynamics of average annual mileage in 2021?

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Note : All barometers are for light vehicles only. For VIO, the weight split is up to 3.5 metric tons except for North America, which includes GVW Class 1–3, up to approximately 6.4 metric tons.​​

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